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 Where to find us?

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Where to find us? Empty
PostSubject: Where to find us?   Where to find us? EmptySun Apr 03, 2016 2:05 am

How do you find us?

So you read who we are and what we do and now you might want to join us. Well, hopefully we got everything you need to know covered below, otherwise feel free to ask under the “Questions” category Very Happy

Europe, English (EU)

Argent Dawn RP

Drazmo, Fiddly

Our ship is located in “Swamp of Sorrows” (Azeroth - Eastern Kingdoms)

Where to find us? 2ugi1x1

The zone is level 52-54 and it does take a flying mount to get to the ship. But fear not! Lower levels are more than welcome. Both Captain Drazmo and First Mate Fiddly have two person mounts and are more than willing to pick up anyone who is in need of a ride.

Other than that, the crew is often found drinking in Booty Bay.

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Where to find us?
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